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IMPORTANT: Notice To All CWE Developers

This is an emergency post following an announcement by Cyan Worlds, Inc..

An emergency situation has arisen quite rapidly over the last 24 hours. In short, three files in the CWE sources are in violation of licensed code by RAD Game Tools: Plasma20/Sources/Plasma/FeatureLib/pfSurface/plLayerBink.cpp, Sources/Tools/MaxPlasmaMtls/plBinkMipmap.cpp and Sources/Plasma/PubUtilLib/plPipeline/plBinkPlayer.cpp. You absolutely have to delete these files from any cloned repository you might have - completely. This means that you must perform a complete rebase removing these files from the initial source release, so that they never appear ever again. As a first measure, make a commit removing those files from your fork. They contain code belonging to RAD Game Tools, and were accidentally released by Cyan as they were unaware of its origin at the time..

Complete discussion:

This affects all known forks and branches, including H'uru.

Failure to so could result in prosecution of Cyan Worlds by RAD Game Tools for releasing copyrighted code, which would be A Bad Thing(TM).

If you need help removing these files, please contact one of the developers (including me) for instructions on how to proceed. Speed is essential in removing these files.

Note: your client will probably no longer compile if you remove this file. A fix will be distributed once it has been found.

If removing this file is too time-consuming and/or difficult, simply delete your fork or make it private until the original code is ususable once more, following which you can clone it anew.

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All Guilds Meeting - November 2012

L'année 2012 tire à sa fin et nous sommes réunis, ici à Kirel, pour la réunion mensuelle de toutes les Guildes (AGM). Beaucoup de visages familiers nous ont rejoint, cette fois-ci, ainsi qu'une toute nouvelle Guilde ! Lyrobot était aussi présent afin d'enregistrer les questions et le chatlog. A ce propos, vous trouverez le chatlog "brut" et "épuré" ainsi que le résumé habituel.

Guilde des Ecrivains

Branan, aidé par Hoikas, est venu parler de la Guilde des Ecrivains. Leur concours Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Contest a été un grand succès et ils ont désigné un gagnant : Christian Walther ! Sa réalisation ainsi que celle des autres participants seront présentées, très bientôt, dans chaque quartier du Gehn Shard. Branan pense organiser d'autres concours prochainement. Lire la suite

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Reminder: Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Project

Just a reminder that the Guild of Writers is still taking submissions for their Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Project!  Anyone is welcome to create a design and send it in for possible inclusion in Gehn shard's various hoods, much like was done for Eder Delin, Eder Tsogal, Gahreesen and the Great Zero in MOUL.  The best three designs will be chosen by a panel of judges from the GoW.

The guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  • The image used must be at least 256 by 256 pixels or larger (up to 1024 x 1024).
  • There must be two images: one full color image and another set to greyscale for reflection (see the forum post for more details on that)
  • The images must be in a "lossless" format.  If you're not sure what to use, the PNG format will suffice.

You can submit your creations to by midnight Pacific Daylight Time on October 31st, or 01:00 KI time the next day.  Let's see what this talented community can do!

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Réunion interguildes - Août 2012

Est-ce encore la date tant attendue ? L'éternellement fascinante Réunion interguildes prit place aujourdhui, avec une semaine de retard en raison de Mysterium ; malgré tout, cela valait le coup d'attendre !

De grandes nouvelles et nouveautés furent annoncées, sous la supervision de Leonardo qui est de retour. Ici vous pouvez lire le chat brut et le chat épuré avec un résumé ci-dessous :

Guilde des Écrivains/H'uru

Branan a mentionné que son équipe venait de publier leur tout dernier client pour Gehn incluant quelques modifications et nouveautés, toutes détaillées dans sa publication d'aujourd'hui. La grande nouvelle est l'ajout d'un nouvel Âge, créé il y a quelques temps par Lontahv lors du Concours de développement rapide d'Âge (RAD).

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Gehn.10 Released

The H'uru team has done it again!  After countless hours of work, they have released the latest version of their Gehn shard client for all to enjoy...complete with a new fan Age!  Here's a list of the fixes they've finished for this release:

  • Fixed truncated windows when going from full screen to a same sized window
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when there are no Direct3D devices
  • Tweaked the brightness of the progress bars and text
  • Restored sparklie cycling
  • Restored clock Relto page
  • Added a new linking book to the empty pedestal in the neighborhood common rooms.
  • Applied Feng Shui Shaders

We won't spoil things by telling which fan Age was included for those that want to find out for themselves.  Simply log in as usual to download the new client and enjoy the latest work from the H'uru team and the Guild of Writers!

Note: if you are getting an error about missing PRPs, remember to copy over your existing MO:ULa's "dat" and "sfx" folders to your Gehn Shard installation folder.

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